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Word of 2024 | EMBRACE


(v) accept or support (a belief, theory, or change)

(n) an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically

Each year we reflect on what our lives look like and how we want them to change. What we could do "better", what we could do to support our friends and family more, what we could do to be healthier, what we could do to feel more alive... the list goes on.

Dedicating a word to live out each year is how I ensure the each is grounded in intentionality.


There is a difference between being alive and living life fully. Going through the motions of wake up, go to work, drive in the car, workout, make dinner, go to bed - versus - fully being present in each environment, relationship, activity, and interaction daily. Prioritizing noticing the little beauties of the world - the "small" gifts that we are given daily that we so often miss because of "getting caught up in the hustle and bustle" of work, family, etc. The truth is, we allow ourselves to deprioritize what truly matters - love, joy, happiness, connections, serving others, being outside - and it catches up with us when we feel burnt out, depressed, lost without purpose, and disconnected.

This year I am embracing life and everything that comes with it. I am embracing each moment, community, relationships, time with loved ones, experiences, time outside, movement, what I listen to and read, work, and everything else that brings true joy to life. This isn't easy - to embrace means to be prepared to not think about the future as much, not think about the past, and acknowledge what is present. To be able to embrace life means to take time to plan, and live by a calendar that has time carved out for what truly matters. Embracing life is to accept and expand.

Embracing time with family and friends - undistracted by technology.

Embracing nature - looking up and around more than down.

Embracing what I listen to - listening to podcasts while I drive or have my morning coffee - undistracted by other important things.

Embracing community - connecting genuinely, actively listening.

Embracing service - spending time serving others and supporting efforts to create a better life for others.

Embracing my true self - journaling, walking, cooking, meditating, resting, having meaningful conversations, learning, creating, exploring, cleaning, resetting, loving myself and others, growing in every way, every day.


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