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KC & Co. Coaching goes beyond the basics. There is no "one thing" that changes your life, in any regard. It's not one food or drink, it's not one ab workout, it's not one habit, or any one person, place, or thing. Change happens when your entire being shifts. In this case, the mindset needs to shift in order for the interest, inspiration, and dedication, to fall into a place of readiness for change. From there, positive additions to life in the form of nutrition, exercise, and wellness can be implemented and practiced. Once all the good "things" in life are working in harmony, the healthy lifestyle is formed and lived out.

That being said, KC & Co. provides a holistic - whole mind, body, soul - approach to coaching. 

We dive into the mentality of why we choose the things we do. We find balance while living healthy, freely, and fully. We look out for our future self - nutritional and exercise science exists for a reason and we shouldn't ignore it. We recognize that life can be busy and overwhelming so we make it as simple (or as in depth) as you want in each season of life. We are doing this for YOU to live as YOUR "highest self."


You will clear space in your mind for the important things.

You will reconnect with yourself and your priorities and goals.

You will shift into a growth mindset.


Movement is a crucial part of living a happy healthy life. You will find what you enjoy doing that in turn helps you achieve your goals.


You will see what kinds of foods work well for your body and create meals that allow you to feel your best. 

We will work together to help you achieve your goals.


Everyone is busy and prioritizing yourself can get low on this list. We will work to create habits and routines to ensure you and your goals are coming first.

KC & Co. Workout Library


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