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Outdoor Practice


Add these workout into your routine!

I have found a great love for low impact, high repetition workouts. The way I like to think about it is we are stretching while strengthening with body weight and actual weights. The magic of high rep dynamic movements is that you create diverse ranges of motion that allow ALL of your muscles to work TOGETHER. While the muscles are burning out, they are growing stronger and the more you do the more your body works.


These workouts can be done daily or mixed in with your regular routine dependent on your goals. I like to mix these in 3-4x/week with weightlifting 2-3x/week, and walking 3-4x/week. Find what works for you - SWITCH it up to keep CHALLENGING YOURSELF mentally and physically.

Arms + Abs - 10min


Stretch + Energize - 10min.


Functional Pilates - 30min. coming soon


HIIT Pilates - 30min. coming soon


Full body [LEGS] - 30min. - coming soon

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