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Journaling for 5-30 minutes every morning allows you to relieve anything unnecessary on the mind and free space for creativity and growth. Write about anything and everything - work, relationships, your past, present and future, envision the day ahead, and anything else that flows our pen to paper.

Journaling prompts can be found here.


Beginning each day with gratitude and praise is the best way to start the day. Expressing how grateful I am for the new day - whatever it may entail - trusting that what's meant to happen will, and what's not won't. 

Whether this is a simple "thank you God for this day" or a long meaningful conversation with God about life and the day ahead, taking just a second can create a greatly powerful mindset for the rest of the day.

Playlist coming soon.



How do you live your life? How do you fill your time? How do you prioritize YOU?

How are your weeks and days structured? 

A great way to ensure your priorities and goals are tracking to be achieved is by organizing your days and weeks by priority. 

What are your three priorities of the week? Perhaps exercise four days/week, read before bed daily, and cook at home more. Well, how are you ensuring those things are achieved?

Put time on your calendar -

Book all your workout classes or block off time to go on a walk - include drive time and "get ready" time before and after.

Block off calendar time to read in the evening, set an alarm for 30min. before you want to fall asleep and put your book on your nightstand to remind you. 

Do a grocery haul on Sunday and meal prep for the week. Decide on three meals for the week, perhaps with similar ingredients and ingredient prep so you have all you need to make different combinations easily for the rest of the week.


I love to begin each year by intention setting. This is primarily done by choosing a word I want to embody for the next 365 days. This year my word is EMBRACE.



While I always intend to live in the present, "embracing" each moment, community, relationship, new opportunity, etc. goes one step deeper. I strive to live IN each moment, and more deeply feel all the emotions fully experiencing each moment. 

What is your word of 2024 and how will you live it out?


Throughout the month of May we are EMBRACING MINDFULNESS. As we focus on a different aspect of life each month, we are prioritizing mindfulness through the fifth month of 2024. 


This month it’s all about diving deep within to the basics. Being mindful in all aspects of life - how we breathe, sleep, eat, drink, think, speak, spend time and ultimately live. The question it all comes down to is - are you living your life fully and intentionally, and if not - how can you?


It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life sticking to your calendar and focusing on the endless to do list. I challenge you to take a step back and reflect on how living this way makes you feel. If you are not prioritizing what you feel like inside and take care of yourself inside, there’s no way you are showing up as your best self on the outside. This month, take time to dig deep into reflection, prayer, meditation, and the quiet and calm. Bring more awareness to life - are you aware of the little things that can bring you joy during a busy day? Look up at spring blooming outside, romanticize your morning coffee, feel the warm or cool breeze outside, think a little further into spiritual messages, take more uninterrupted time with your loved ones, Consider how you are feeling each morning and what needs to happen to ensure you smile, laugh, find joy and love, and recognize gratitude each day.




[personal growth]

The Untethered Soul - get out of your own way

The 1% Rule - maximize your time + abilities

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - think in ways that support your goals

8 Rules of Love - understand how you and how to love yourself, your partner, your friends and family

Start With Why - create a strong foundation of why you do what you do

The Gap and the Gain - look at the positives + overcome "pitfalls"


Movement in the morning is crucial at every stage of life at all times of the day, especially in the morning. After laying horizontally in all sorts of positions for several hours a day, it's so important to stretch our muscles to ensure they will support us properly throughout the day. Stretching in the morning can help prevent headaches, muscle spasms, stiffness, and increase blood flow and energy. 

Stretch playlist coming soon.



Something I incorporated into my life in 2023 was using my Sundays as "prep days." This changed my life - rather than having Sunday scaries, when Sunday night approached, I felt prepared for the week so could relax and enjoy the final few hours of the weekend. 

  • Wake up later than a week day, but earlier than "sleeping in" (for me this was 7am).

  • Go to church/watch church.

  • Go to a coffee shop and prep your week. Maybe this is working ont he side hustle, maybe it's actual work, maybe it's organizing your calendar for the upcoming week, planning your workouts, etc. 

  • Go grocery shopping for the next 3-5 days.

  • Meal prep.

  • Returns + errands.

  • Walk outside/get outside.


This is a day where you can get ahead and control the future as much as possible. Spending a day to set yourself up for success is crucial to ensure you can show up as your best self for the next five days.


Your body is the one thing you have nearly complete control over and can experiment on endlessly. When embarking on a new season of life and new goals, I encourage you to take stock of what you've tried, what you haven't, what you like and dislike and go from there. 

Everyone's body inside and out is different, so what helps one person reach one goal may not be what you need to achieve that same goal. There are so many different ways to eat, move, hydrate, be mindful and live life. There's no way to know until you trial and error try.

Maybe you need more meditative time to lower your cortisol rather than longer weightlifting classes. Maybe you need more/less protein and more/less veggies in your daily diet. Maybe you need to spend dedicated time to rest - unplugging from technology to find clarity. Maybe you need to push yourself and challenge your body in new ways - working out more, sticking to a healthier diet, or waking up earlier.

Personally, I've found that at different times of the year, my body needs different things to feel its best. In the winter, more rest, meditation in the morning, tea at night, citrus and chocolate, high protein soups, and a mix of weightlifting and heated yoga. In the summer, I like higher intensity workouts, long long walks, fresh salads and fruit, and sparkling water at nighttime. 

Play around with all the variations of routines, ingredients you use in your meals, and ways you move your body.


Throughout the month of April we are EMBRACING GROWTH.


As we focus on a different aspect of life or skill each month, we are prioritizing growth through the fourth month of 2024. After a month of focusing on overall health - nutrition, mentality, sleep, movement and relationships - it is time to expand and bring those best practices into everyday life and build upon it. Now we grow into the healthy people we have become. We grow by learning new things, developing our spiritual practices, having new experiences, creating mental clarity and stability, and establishing new ways of life.


Growth happens from the inside out. Growth occurs when we broaden our scope beyond what’s right in front of us. Growth happens what we let go of negative thought patterns and open our hearts to love, healing, positive energy and joy in each moment of life. Growth happens when we focus on the good - seeing good in others, the good in the world around us, romanticizing the little things, and letting the good in our hearts to be felt by those we encounter. 



June 2024

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