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Preparing for Fall ~ hello Autumn

August is ending and autumn is approaching. So much happens when the seasons change - the season of life changes. When summer ends, we prioritize different things, travel and activities slow down, and we go back to “normal” life.

Resetting to enter this new phase of life is important to allow yourself to feel it fully and make the most of it. What do you want to do in this season of life? Do you want to go apple picking with your family or go to a certain number of football games or simply know you have enough days without pressures to relax and enjoy? Overpacking the calendar can do just as much harm as it does good so it’s important to create a balance. You can always do more, but perhaps you start by prioritizing doing less to create more space for life itself to happen.

It’s tough - it’s easy to get caught up in planning something every weekend to ensure you see everyone and do everything that’s on your bucket list. By doing that though, are you presently living life or just checking things off? How can you do all the things you want to do while prioritizing time for you to reset, feel peace, and do the little things that allow you to maximize your impact and return as self-growth?

Next time you set your calendar for the month or week, add in time blocks for YOU. I know there will likely always be an event of some sort on Friday and/or Saturday and Sundays from 10-2 are blocked off for reset work. Dedicating one day a month (usually a Sunday) to be a day to take for YOU is life-changing. Especially during the fall and winter, take a day to fully embody the coziness of the season. Put the phone and laptop away, read a new book, watch movies or a tv show, organize the home, cook a cozy meal, bake a bread or healthy dessert for the week, create a playlist to have as background noise that week, create a vision board, go for a long walk, take photos of the changing leaves, go for a drive with the playlist and your warm beverage of choice in the cupholder as your wear your favorite sweats and flannel. Take time away from the “real world” to create space in your mind and soul for what is to come next.

We are all busy people. But can we be productive impactful busy people if we are not highly functioning?

Take time this autumn to create space to feel joy for the little things and step back from the normal hustle and bustle. Wellness doesn’t only come in the form of nutrition or exercise - the most foundational form of health is what is happening in your mind and soul. Reset, realign, and come back feeling rejuvenated.


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