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June Newsletter "Things I'm Loving"

Updated: Jul 16

Break up your morning routine

Your morning routine sets the stage for the rest of your day. The mindset you wake up with, the first things you do, all determine your practices and perspective for the day. I used to love doing my entire morning routine before I went to work, but lately, whether I'm working at home or in the office, I've enjoyed breaking it apart. Here's what my broken up morning routine has looked like lately...

- Wake up w/an alarm titled "Good morning, it's going to be a beautiful day in this beautiful life"

- Bathroom, rinse face with cold water, gua sha face

- Drink a full water bottle

- Journal

- Stretch + pray/meditate

- Make coffee

- Take supplements + scroll until coffee is done

- Drink coffee 

- Work for 2-3hrs.

- Morning walk + podcast

- Shower, get ready for the day

- Work

Brunch at home during the week

  • A favorite has been taking leftover steak from grilling on Sunday, frying an egg to put on top, then adding greens and any veggies in the fridge as a side all topped with hot sauce, salt and any homemade sauces

Lion’s Mane in coffee

  • Adding Lion's Mane drops to my coffee has been a game changer. I've noticed less brain fog and much more focus since taking it for three months (3-4days/week)

Sunday dinner on the grill

  • I recently got a grill and grilling dinner on Sunday has been such a fun way to close the week. It's a fun way to meal prep with easier clean up and spend extra time outside in the evening.

Sexy water

  • 1 bottle of water + 1 tsp fine sea salt + electrolyte packet (optional) + ½ lemon juice or orange juice [refill with water each time you're halfway done to keep the goodness all day long]

Timed work time blocks

  • Organize your work day according to your to do list. I set an hour or two for each big task and Set either a 30-minute or 50-minute timer on your phone to work on each task, then take a 5 or 10-minute break in between each one. Stagger your “high brain” vs “low brain” power tasks to when you are most and least productive during the day.

Coffee walk + talks

  • Rather than scheduling seated coffee or lunch meetings, when the weather is nice I always suggest a walking meeting. We still absolutely get the coffee or pick up lunch to go afterward, but we get movement and stand side by side during the conversations. "Steve Jobs famously liked to have meetings walking. He found it more conducive and reflective and thought that it encouraged relaxed conversation."


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