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Embrace GROWTH

Updated: Apr 1

Throughout the month of April we are EMBRACING GROWTH.

As we focus on a different aspect of life or skill each month, we are prioritizing growth through the fourth month of 2024. After a month of focusing on overall health - nutrition, mentality, sleep, movement and relationships - it is time to expand and bring those best practices into everyday life and build upon it. Now we grow into the healthy people we have become. We grow by learning new things, developing our spiritual practices, having new experiences, creating mental clarity and stability, and establishing new ways of life.

Growth happens from the inside out. Growth occurs when we broaden our scope beyond what’s right in front of us. Growth happens what we let go of negative thought patterns and open our hearts to love, healing, positive energy and joy in each moment of life. Growth happens when we focus on the good - seeing good in others, the good in the world around us, romanticizing the little things, and letting the good in our hearts to be felt by those we encounter. 

This month, water your mind, heart and soul so it can bloom to new life.

Together, let’s grow-

  • Tune in - practice meditation in the morning through prayer, breathing, journaling, stretching. Here is a playlist with some morning music and here is a playlist with morning prayers, meditations and motivations. Hallow is a great prayer guidance app you can download for free!

  • Move your body - take long walks in the sunshine. Practice yoga. Jump, shake your body and move with force. Create energetic feelings from your head to your fingertips to your toes.

  • Build upon your healthy practices - continue to eat foods that feel nourishing to your body. Experiment with cooking meals and supplementation.

  • Practice patience and resilience - challenge yourself. Perhaps you do a three-day water fast or abstain from alcohol or processed foods. Perhaps you remove social media apps from your phone or unplug your TV for a set number of days. Prove to yourself that you can do hard things and commit to your best self.

  • Care for your brain - put your phone away earlier in the evening, put electronics away at night, turn the lights down as the sun goes down, be mindful of your alcohol and sugar intake, notice how you talk to yourself, sleep so well.

  • Do something new - maybe you change your morning and night routine, take a different route to work, go to a new fitness class, make a new friend, go to a new city, etc., etc.

  • Share the love - smile when you pass people on the street or in a store, say hello to your neighbors and familiar faces, ask friends and colleagues questions beyond the basics, hug your friends and family extra and let them know you love them.

  • Take extra time for you - wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, take 10 minutes to check in with yourself at lunch, have a moment of reflective silence on your way home from work, go to bed with no noise and reflect and acknowledge gratitude for the day.

Find peace within yourself, challenge yourself, dig deeper within to shine with joy, love and light.

Happy April!


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