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Don’t Over Complicate Things

Simplicity (n)

  • the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do

  • the quality or condition of being plain or natural

The world is a complicated thing. I’m sure a million examples come to mind - work, family, politics, finances, news, education, the economy, the list goes on. Yet, when we think about how we can improve our lives. We usually start by thinking about what we need to ADD IN to create positive change. What if we went back to ground zero to reset and see what we REALLY and TRULY need?

Life gets busy and it’s easy to just keep adding to your plate. How often do you remove “want to’s” with “have to’s” - my guess is 75+% of the time. Sure, sometimes you need to make those adjustments, but what if you could prioritize yourself and YOUR personal priorities at least 50% of the time?

It’s funny, usually when people look for a fix to “get healthier” or make life changes towards optimal health they think of all the things they need to add to the calendar. What if the secret to feeling refreshed and set up for success is simplicity? IT IS simplicity.

Begin by thinking about all the choices you make each day and how much time is wasted by doing so - the traffic to get to the crowded coffee shop to pick up your complicated coffee order on the way to work, the outfit that was wrinkled so you had to pick out a new one, the in office lunch order through the complicated app with dozens of choices, the full email inbox and extensive to-do list.

Think - water, instrumental classical music, walking, a capsule wardrobe, time blocks, lowkey meals, days “off”, etc.

What can you do to step back and simplify life?

Can you drink 30+oz of water as soon as you wake up and turn the water to cold the last 1+ minutes of your shower to eventually not need that Starbucks stop on your way to work?

Can you schedule your workouts at the beginning of each month to ensure they’re at least on the calendar and on your mind?

Can you read for 15min before bed rather than using your phone or tv?

Can you do a closet clean out to only have “loves” and “needs” so you ALWAYS have something to wear?

Can you meal prep your lunches and dinners? Can you try intermittent fasting and plan meals accordingly?

Can you pack your gym back (including shaker bottle, pre-workout, protein bar, hairties, shoes, clothes, water) the night before?

Can you nix the workouts and go for 30min+ walks every day either in the morning, at lunchtime, or after dinner?

Can you cut the podcasts and books and listen to classical music instead? Clear space in the brain during one of your two drives a day to reflect and think rather than learn.

I could continue, but you get the jist. What can you do to live a more simple life to create more space for YOU and your priorities?

Maybe you nix everything and do the bare minimum for a month. Maybe only then you will see and feel what you need to add in to feel fulfilled. Maybe you won’t need ten snack options, maybe you won’t need five streaming subscriptions, maybe you won’t spend hundreds of dollars on drinking and eating out, maybe your skin will be cleaner, maybe your mind will be clearer, maybe your heart will be more full, and maybe you will feel overall lighter.


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