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A new month

Preparing for a new month:

The last day or the last Sunday of each month is a special time. It’s a time to reflect and renew. Reflect on the past weeks of life and renew your intentions and goals. I take the day to sit with my thoughts, envision what I want the month to look like, lay out the daily habits I want to incorporate, and set the major goals I want to achieve. What are the intentions you want to set to achieve the goals? Perhaps it’s to be more present with family and friends - putting the phone away and scheduling time to spend together. Perhaps it is to eat healthier - clean out your pantry, grocery shop, and meal plan. Perhaps it is to achieve a professional work goal - put time on the calendar to work dedicated hours, and consider what it will take for you to be the best version of yourself to achieve this goal.

Consider incorporating this into yourself, maybe a full day, or maybe start with an hour in the morning or afternoon. Here are a few first steps to do so.

  • Write one page of what you want your month to look like. You could journal this or type it out in a google doc. Maybe you write it like a story, maybe you include places you go, clothes you wear, and professional goals you achieve - think of this as manifesting the aesthetic and experiences you will have.

  • Plan how you’ll prioritize your health. This could be journaling, planning out your meals, cleaning out your refrigerator and refilling it with new items, signing up for a new gym or fitness studio, etc. Your health is your foundation. Without it, we can do nothing. Without it, we cannot excel to our next level of life. What will you do to feel your best and live your healthiest, happiest life this month? How can you prioritize your well-being more this month?

  • Create a vision board. Go on Pinterest and find 10 photos of what you want your life to look like. Create an image with those photos on Canva or Instagram and set it as your computer or phone background.

  • Go for a silent walk. Walk for 30 minutes outside simply with your thoughts. Consider the following - how was the past month, what do I want this new month to look like, what would make me feel refreshed and like I’m on my path to success, what new things can I do to challenge myself, and essentially - what can I do to make me feel like my highest self?

  • Clean your space. Clean your kitchen, your bedroom, your closet, your refrigerator, your car, etc. Make your space feel as refreshed as you personally feel. Our space reflects us, what do you want it to look and feel like? Create a sense of “refreshed for the month” both in you and your environment.

What my new month planning day includes:

Wake up around 7 AM, wash my face, sit outside and journal while drinking water, make fresh juice and/or coffee, then either write or type out what I want the month to look like, what I want my habits to be, and what I want to achieve.

Put workout clothes on, go for a walk and either walk in silence listening to my thoughts or listen to a motivational podcast or book. Walking is a great way to clear the brain and bring intentionality to my thoughts - sometimes we need a jumpstart from someone else's words and sometimes we need to be with our own mind and listen to what comes to the forefront.

Shower, change clothes into something where I feel most like me. Maybe it’s denim shorts, an oversized t-shirt and flip-flops, maybe it’s a dress and heels, maybe it’s workout clothes, maybe it’s a suit. Wear what kind of outfit makes me feel like my true self.

Go to a coffee shop with my computer, chargers, headphones, and a notebook. Brain dump and plan. Create a doc with the daily habits I want to include, meals I want to make, workouts I want to do, goals I want to achieve, pull photos from Pinterest of the aesthetic I want to live out, and lay it all out in front of myself again. Schedule my workout classes for the month or put time on the calendar for when I will go to the gym. Create my grocery list for the week which I will get later in the day. Find the podcasts I want to listen to and books I want to read - create a notes page with all the links and order the books. At this point, I have everything I need to live out the vision I set.

By this time is probably around noon.

Make or go out for a good lunch - something that feels refreshing, satisfying, and aligns with the goals I set.

Take the afternoon to clean, shop, and run errands. This can be making returns, grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning my closet, taking out trash, etc. This is the time to refresh the home - my own personal space in the world that reflects me and my life. It should feel like me and align with the aesthetic I set. That will likely mean fresh flowers, candles lit, a freshly cleaned space, and an organized closet, kitchen and workspace. This part takes time and energy, but I put good music or an interesting podcast on to keep the energy high.

By this time it’s around 4 or 5 pm. It’s time to begin winding down - I put the technology away, read a book, begin making dinner, go for a walk, spend time with loved ones, and do the things that fill my heart and soul. The less obvious productive things that people need to feel like they’re caring for themselves and can show up as their full self.

After dinner, I take time to realign with the vision set in the morning. I see it clearly, I prepare for the next day to ensure I live out the vision board and can tackle to daily habits moving 1+% closer to the goals. Likely doing all the self-care things. At around 9 pm I’ll lay in bed and read or write with a candle lit, lights dimmed, and if it’s not too hot - windows open. This creates a beautiful cleansing feeling. Going to bed with your future highest self in mind and feeling the air blowing all good energy around you.

Create a roadmap of how you’ll grow personally and professionally in the next X number of days. Consider and plan how you will move forward this month.

How will you spend the next month of your life feeling your best and living your best life?


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