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Win at Life Each Day

3 Wins (Credit to The Gap and The Gain)

Are you winning?

Take a minute to consider how you would respond to that question.

In what way would you consider “winning?” Do you think about your work life? Do you think about how you serve your church or volunteer role organizations? Do you think about how you show up for your family and friends? Do you think about your ideal life and what gaps and gains need to be done to achieve that “perfect life?”

Winning in life means something different every day. One day it could be securing a new client, another it could be hitting a new PR in the gym, another it could be getting out of bed after the first alarm and not hitting snooze, another it could be not adding creamer to your coffee, another it could be moving to the place you’ve always dreamed of.

What if you ideated winning every day? The subconscious mind is a powerful thing.

Use the last hour of your day as a “gain” hour.

“Without a committed plan, you become reactive to what’s around you and reactive to your own lack of energy.”

Three wins each day.

  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for before bed.

  2. Write down three wins from the day before bed.

  3. Write down three things you can do the next day that you would consider a win.

Write these and they will manifest coming true throughout your nights' sleep. Visualize your ideal life before you go to sleep each day. Seeing a plan in place the night before, you will wake with a sense of purpose.

In the morning revisit these. Train your brain to see the potential of the gains and successes you create and achieve. During the day, you will begin to develop a more positive mindset - seeing challenges you overcame as “wins” and knowing you will have to measure your gains that day by writing the three wins allows your mind to positively look at little things each day that you “won.”

Find someone to do this exercise with. Who in your life supports and respects you? Who will hold you accountable to achieve this? Who wants to win alone - share these big and little wins with someone to celebrate the great achievements of life!

“Your identity shapes your behavior and your behavior also shapes your identity.”

10/10 recommend reading The Gap and The Gain. Especially Chapter 5.


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