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Spring to summer journaling prompts

Updated: 3 days ago

Find the spring to summer journal prompts below. In italics are some initial thoughts and examples.

Like a tree, we grow within just as much as we grow out. What work are you doing inside to create a strong foundation to then show up and grow externally?

I wish to let go of…

sleeping in late

watching movies at night

ordering take out during the week days

canceling workout classes for unproductive reasons

What served me well in the winter?

Stepping outside even when it was cold. Cooking and meal prepping on Sunday.

These are the practices I want to keep…

Continue going outside first thing in the morning.

These are ways I want to shift what served me (or not) in the winter…

Watch less, read and listen to more books. Add going to farmer's markets to my cooking regimen.

In the next three months, I want to implement…

A new morning and evening routine. Mindfulness throughout the day.

I can embrace this season of longer days, more sunshine and warmer weather through…

Bringing my morning stretch/meditation/prayer outside. Reading and spending time outside in the evening.

Habits I want to implement and prioritize these next three months are… because they will…

I will plan my days on Sunday so I can rely on the calendar and have less decision fatigue during the week. I will prioritize spending my evenings meaningfully - catching up with loved ones, practicing good healthy habits, reflecting, and finding a space for renewal because it will create a sense of peace and community.


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