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Embracing HEALTH

Updated: Mar 6

Throughout the month of March we are EMBRACING HEALTH. As we focus on a different aspect of life or skill each month, we are prioritizing health through the third month of 2024. So often we (as a society) focus on balance (which is a great way to live life), and we get stuck in patterns of taking the easy way out (like eating processed foods and skipping workouts to rest) and forget to challenge ourselves by holding ourselves accountable to our gold standard of living while optimizing our health.

It’s been a month since the beginning of the year so many of us have begun to let go of those New Year's resolutions and have succumbed to old habits and routines - let’s shake it up!

For 31 days - embrace optimizing your health by prioritizing how you feed and fuel your mind, body and soul. 

For 31 days - look inward to reignite your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health.

For 31 days - create the healthiest, strongest, most productive version of yourself, for your future self.

Let’s get after it-

  • Focus on eating whole foods - primarily vegetables, lean meat, healthy fats, and fruit. Take note of where your eye goes at meal and snack times - are you automatically reaching for processed foods and sugary drinks?

  • Practice meditation in the morning through prayer, breathing, journaling, or stretching with peaceful music on. 

  • Exercise - lift heavier, walk/run further, get into group fitness classes, practice movement at home and wherever you can. (Reach out for a free Hot Room and Day Won Pilates class with me!!)

  • Get outside - step outside in the morning and take a few deep breaths, park further in parking lots, walk to lunch rather than drive, get sunshine on your face as much as possible, get grounded by stepping onto the earth. Cut down your screen time.

  • Look within - how are you feeling? What are ups and downs happening in life and how are they making you feel? How are you dealing with these emotions? Is there a more productive and positive way to work through it?

  • Establish meaningful time with loved ones both in person and virtually.

Push yourself - it is not easy to focus on your health for an extended period of time. It can be a lot, uncomfortable, and exhausting. What is living fully if it’s not constantly a self-learning process??

Happy March!!


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