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Embrace YOU

June is about embracing YOU! Your true, best, most authentic self. Do the things that make you happy, joyful and as though you are living life fully.

Over the past five months, we have embraced consistency, love, health, growth and mindfulness. Now it's time to internalize those incredible practices, implement them into your life and see how they are working for you.


  • explore and set a morning and night routine

  • fuel your body with healthy foods and drinks

  • tune in to what you love and do more of it

  • unplug from technology and read, write, take photos, workout, walk

  • have meaningfully deep conversations

  • find meaning in your work and focus on giving your all, showing up strong

  • take time by yourself - workout alone, go out to eat alone, get drinks and read alone

  • take time with good people - reach out to the friends you want to make, initiate activities, go out with new groups

Consider what your future self would thank you for doing now

Perhaps you reflect on who you were, have been, are and who you want to be. Whether it's within this year or over the past year - consider how you've lived, spent time, who you've been to friends, family and partners, how you show up at work, and how you are measuring up against achieving your goals.


  • How are you caring for yourself? Are you nourishing your body in healthy ways? Are you eating foods that feel good in your body?

  • Are you sleeping well?

  • Are you moving your body in ways that make you feel strong, energized and youthful?

  • Are you giving yourself time to rest, relax and reset?

  • Are you checking in with yourself to see what might need to be changed?

  • Are your morning and night routines setting you up for success and serving you?

  • Are you digging deep? Are you meditating and/or praying? Are you reading and finding ways to learn more about yourself and the world around you?

  • Where are you putting your energy?


  • What is your relationship like yourself? Are you kind to yourself and do you give yourself grace?

  • How are you the best friend you can be to those who put time and energy into you?

  • How are you communicating to your partner, friends and family?

  • How are you reacting and responding to your partner, friends and family?

  • Are you making dedicated, uninterrupted time to spend with those you love?

  • Are you digging deeper than the surface in your conversations?

  • How are you expanding and building new relationships?

Remember - you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.


  • Are you working in a job that allows you to live the life you want - whether it's the salary, flexibility of location, community, etc. - ensure you can do the things that keep you at your best, happiest and healthiest.

  • Reflect on how you're implementing good habits into your work life.

  • Are you time batching to focus solely on work so you can then unplug and focus solely on "real life" outside of the office?

These three main areas of life are how we spend the most of our time and energy so it's crucial we put time and energy into reflecting and implementing positive ways of living them out. Embrace YOU fully in each of these walks of life - how are YOU showing up in each of these areas? How are you being your most true self in everything you do?


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