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Updated: May 7

Throughout the month of May we are EMBRACING MINDFULNESS. As we focus on a different aspect of life each month, we are prioritizing mindfulness through the fifth month of 2024. 

This month it’s all about diving deep within to the basics. Being mindful in all aspects of life - how we breathe, sleep, eat, drink, think, speak, spend time and ultimately live. The question it all comes down to is - are you living your life fully and intentionally, and if not - how can you?

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life sticking to your calendar and focusing on the endless to do list. I challenge you to take a step back and reflect on how living this way makes you feel. If you are not prioritizing what you feel like inside and take care of yourself inside, there’s no way you are showing up as your best self on the outside. This month, take time to dig deep into reflection, prayer, meditation, and the quiet and calm. Bring more awareness to life - are you aware of the little things that can bring you joy during a busy day? Look up at spring blooming outside, romanticize your morning coffee, feel the warm or cool breeze outside, think a little further into spiritual messages, take more uninterrupted time with your loved ones, Consider how you are feeling each morning and what needs to happen to ensure you smile, laugh, find joy and love, and recognize gratitude each day. 

Take this month to find new practices that work for YOU! Maybe it’s returning to a whole foods diet and cooking more, taking walks without your phone, reading at night instead of watching tv, or implementing a breath practice in the morning before you start your day.

I’m dedicating these practices each day to dive a little deeper -

  • 5+min daily to meditate/pray/breathe while I stretch

  • Waiting until 10am or when I feel I need the caffeine rather than within the first hour of waking

  • Reading a book 15+ minutes a day

  • Taking time to read news in the morning

  • Hang up and hang out - put the phone away when I’m having conversations with friends and family - focus on the present moments with them 

  • Taking time to not react, but listen, observe and respond

If you need some ideas, always feel free to reach out ~ here to support you and your journey to live your healthiest happiest life🦋🤍


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