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Getting Started

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Five ways to start your healthy lifestyle journey today.

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If you're here, I believe you're ready to begin your journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a mindset of abundance - there is so much possibility!

Here are some steps you can take to get started by eating healthier, creating a more positive mindset, and all around living a happier life.

  1. Wake up well - so many of us wake up to the Radar alarm sound which instantly spikes cortisol and wakes us up through fear rather than peace. Consider purchasing a Hatch alarm clock or changing the sound of your alarm to a more peaceful sound like chimes or a song you love.

  2. Hydrate - when we sleep our body's reset and to wake up the internal body including the digestive system we need to replenish ourselves with water. I suggest filling a water bottle at night and keeping it next to your bed. In the morning, drink this before you even get out of bed. Our body is about 60% water. It helps keep our skin looking youthful, our digestive system and nervous system, it keeps our body temperature regulated, and is one of the best workout recovery tools.

  3. Incorporate more protein and veggies into your diet - America is filled with processed foods. They're easy to access and cook and are a mood-booster. However, we all know the dangers of having a diet of primarily processed foods - obesity, type II Diabetes, heart disease, Cancer, low mobility, and decreased longevity. I suggest adding more protein to help you feel satisfied during meals and repair and help increase muscle mass. Vegetables are full of nutrients that are curcial for one's body to function at optimal levels. Throw in a handful or spinach to your eggs or smoothies, include peppers, onions, garlic, and sweet potatoes next time you're making chicken.

  4. Morning ritual - Habits are the key driving force to reinforce positive feelings. If you do something that makes you feel good, you want to do it again - right? Starting your day the same way (almost) everyday can boost your later day productivity, kick start your day with boosted serotonin, and bring you to a positive state to take with you throughout the day. Read more about morning routines here.

  5. Move your body daily - Exercise is key in living a long, happy, healthy life. Exercising for event 30 minutes a day can decrease depression and anxiety, boost your happiness, and help you achieve your goals in every part of life. The "gym" mindset is so special. While you're working out, you're focusing solely on the most important person in your life - YOU. This time, whether it's a 10 minute stretch or two hours weight lifting and running, is time you're focusing on yourself and creating the best version of you for you and all those you're surrounded by. Moving your body creates such a strong positive energy that you'll share with those you encounter and therefore make the world a more positive place.


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